A sanctuary in the foothills of the Willamette Valley

As soon as you enter the beautiful Wildwood property, you will feel a sense of relief from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Wildwood is a place that allows for healing and rejuvenation.

Our Mission

Providing care for the soul and the sole

One of the best things about being a nurse is the diversity in the work one can do. You will note as you peruse this website that it presents a strange combination of art therapy and foot care. In reality, both are integral parts of a happy, healthy lifestyle. While art therapy is good for the soul and ones mental dexterity, foot care is integral to the sole and therefore ones physical mobility.

If you are visiting for art therapy, please click on the ART STUDIO link, if you are seeking additional information about in home medical grade foot care services, please click on the RN SERVICES link.

Jennifer Giustina, RN, BSN, CFCS graduated from Linfield School of Nursing in 2005. Jennifer has been providing nursing care in a number of different settings ever since, including hospitals, clinics, community health events and home-visits. Regardless of location, working with underserved populations such as the homebound, immigrant, and unhoused remains a priority in her care.

In an effort to blend family life with her nursing passion, Jennifer and her husband John created Wildwood Wellness Studio. The studio houses an on site art therapy center and on the flip side Jennifer can continue her nursing in the community through her portable medical foot care service.

Our Story

Wildwood Wellness Studio provides a non-invasive, creative outlet to address feelings of fear, loss, stress, and emotional or physical pain. Come visit Wildwood Wellness Studio to illustrate your own story and discover the healing benefits of art and self-expression. Small group and private sessions available.

Jennifer and her husband, John, have been developing the Wildwood property since 2014. They strive to care for the land, forest and animals, as well as for the well-being of all who set foot here. Wildwood is a place to breathe, heal, create and commune with nature.

The Art Studio

A private escape for unique healing and self-expression through art

We believe everyone is inherently able to express themselves be it through spoken word, writing, song, movement, art, or silent stillness. Book a private or group session today.
Our Materials

Recycled into objects of art

At Wildwood Wellness Studio, we believe in reusing and recycling used materials into objects that express and put physical representation to our emotions. What better way to honor Mother Earth than to restore what was discarded into pieces that help us move forward.

Love from our clients

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